First steps:

Q1: Do I need to follow some steps to start using Blue OctopusWifi service?

A1: We offer a Wiki where we explain point by point all the functions that the Blue OctopusWifi platform has, but if you wish you can call the support service which will also explain all these functions and solve any possible doubts about the platform.

Q2: What is a Localization?

A2: A Location is the name given in our platform to a site, location, hotel in which data has been entered, either the name, physical address, MACs of the equipment to be used, configuration of the access methods to be used, configuration of the WLAN shown to the end user, configuration of the Captive Portal, etc.

Q3: Who is the end user?

A3: End user, we call it the group of people who use the captive portal service, be it a guest, diner, customer or employee, depending on who the service is intended for.

Q4: What is a Hotspot?

A4: A hotspot is a location that provides access to the Internet through a wireless network and a router connected to an Internet service provider.

Q5: What is an Access Point?

A5: An Access Point is a device that creates a wireless local area network (WLAN), typically in an office or large building. An Access Point connects to a router, switch or hub via an Ethernet cable and projects a Wi-Fi signal in a designated area.

Q6: What is a MAC address?

A6: The MAC address is a unique identifier that each manufacturer assigns to the network card of its devices.

Q7: What social media channels does Blue OctopusWifi offer?

A7: Blue OctopusWifi offers Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn as a method of accessing the Wifi service.

Q8: Is there a free trial service?

A8: Yes, we currently have multiple trial licenses either by time, number of devices, etc. These licenses work exactly the same as a standard license, in fact, it is possible to simulate the different modules that can be contracted on the platform whether it is content filtering, adinWifi, etc. If you wish to get a trial license, just contact us and we will tell you the steps to follow.

Q9: Will my personal internet be secure?

A9: Yes, a separate network will be created for customers in which it is possible to configure various parameters, this has no influence on the personal network, which will remain secure.

Q10: Can I install Blue OctopusWifi in all my premises?

A10: In principle yes, as our team will be in charge of planning everything necessary to make the service work as optimally as possible.

Q11: In which countries will the system work?

A11: Blue OctopusWifi can work worldwide.

Q12: What are the opening hours for customer support?

A12: Currently our support service can help you 24 hours a day.

Q13: When I connect to the network, it tells me that it is not secure, is this true?

A13: This message appears because the network does not have a key configured to access the WiFi network. Even if you do not have a key, there is a captive portal to securely validate and rules in place to protect your device.

Q14: How do I know which WiFi network to connect to?

A14: Normally the name of the network includes the name of the center, however if you are unsure check with reception or the center's information point.

Technical area:

Q1: I don't see the captive portal?

A1(a): Check that the MAC has been registered on the platform.

A1(b): In solutions where necessary: check that the SSID matches the platform's SSID.

R1(c): Check that the manufacturer's configuration has all the settings explained in the WIKI.

R1(d): Check that all the necessary walled gardens are in place for the portal to appear.

Q2: I am not able to validate in the portal?

A2(a): Check that you have all the necessary walled garden for validation if it is a social network or APP access method.

R2(b): Check the manufacturer's configuration that you have all the settings explained in the WIKI.

R2(c): Check in the equipment configuration that the redirection page is well written.

Q3: I can see the network, but I can't connect to it, what's going on?

A3: It may be a specific problem with the device; please try forgetting the network, turning WiFi off and on, or restarting your device.

It may also be interference with the WiFi signal. Please try moving to a different area and try again.

Q4: WiFi connection seems to be enabled on my device, but I can't find any network, even after rescanning WiFi networks. What can I do?

A4: Check that the problem is not due to insufficient signal. Most smartphones have smaller WiFi antennas than computers, it is possible that the problem is because your particular device cannot find the signal. Try checking the signal on another device with WiFi or move to another area.

Q5: I can't see the login page, how can I make it appear?

A5: In case you connect to the WiFi network correctly, a pop-up should pop-up automatically redirecting you to the login page. In case you missed the pop-up or do not have a login page configured in your device's browser, you need to force a request to an HTTP website. Open your browser and try to go to an HTTP web page, http://connected.octopuswifi.com for example, and the login page should appear. There is a special case on iOS devices. The pop-up appears automatically with the login page but the user discards the pop-up by using the cancel button and forcing the system to maintain the Wi-Fi connection even without Internet. If this case occurs, you have to force a request in Safari to make the login page appears, but one more problem arises and that is that once you mark that you want to use the network without internet, the automatic pop-up with the login page will never appear again. This case can only be corrected by marking the network as forgotten on the device and redoing the entire connection process from 0.

Q6: Why do I get a certificate error when I force a request?

A6: This is a normal process, because you have been forced a request to an HTTPS page instead of HTTP. Since navigation is restricted until authenticated in the portal and given that HTTPS is a secure protocol that requires using certificates, the client's browser detects navigation to the indicated website through the Wi-Fi controller, so the site's certificate does not match the one visited and warns us of a security problem, having to accept this exception so that the controller can redirect us to the portal correctly. This is a behavior at the operating system and browser level; this behavior occurs in most, but not in all.

Q7: I have problems sending emails, do I need to change any settings?

A7: You may be using an unsecured outgoing mail port and this port is closed. If you have port 25 configured as outgoing port, try changing it to 587.

Some mail servers may block connectivity due to security settings. If the problem persists, please log in to your service provider's website, where you should be able to send messages.

Q8: Is it possible to replace a computer with a new one and have the new one work with the portal?

A8: Yes, the only thing we would need is the MAC of the old and the new equipment. We will take care of the rest.

Q9: I can't see the login page correctly, what should I do?

A9: Check that you have updated your browser to the latest version available. If you are using Internet Explorer check that you have a version higher than IE 11.0.

Q10: I have a customer who has an old device on which it is not possible to enter credentials as it has no keyboard. What can I do to provide internet to my customer?

A10: We have an access method in the platform for these cases, it is called MAC Access, with this access method it is possible to provide internet service to a device without the need to validate it through the portal, the only thing necessary is the MAC of the device and the time range for which the client will have internet access. There is a section in our Wiki where this access method is shown in more detail.

Q11: Can I have two types of networks, one for customers and one for employees, but using the Blue Octopuswifi captive portal?

A11: Yes, there are multiple possibilities when creating networks for different uses:Example 1: For the network of workers: you can configure the access method ticket and generate one with custom credentials and that is valid for 1month, 5months, 1 year, etc. This configuration does not affect the users. Example 2: For the employee network: you can configure the MAC access method and enter the MACs of the employees' computers so that when an employee wants to connect to the network, all he/she has to do is select the headquarters network and that's it. This has no effect on the other clients.

Q12: Why when I try to print the portal I get the error "wron configuration: no wlan or wifiarea found by request (MAC device:SSID)?

A12: This is because in the platform and in the device configuration the MAC address of the device and the configured SSID have to match, if you get this error it is necessary to check that the data is correctly written in both parts.

Q13: What devices are compatible with your service?

A13: We offer a wide compatibility of brands and models of devices in which the main ones are: Mikrotik, Meraki, Alcatel, Ruckus, Aruba, Zyxel, etc. If you wish you can contact us to check if your device is compatible with our service.

Q14: Why can't I connect to my corporate VPN?

A14: First check that you have Internet access after logging in; if you still cannot connect to your VPN, please contact your company's IT Department.


Q1: Is the ticket used to validate users not working?

A1(a): Check if the ticket is expired.

R1(b): Contact support in case there has been a ticket failure.

R1(c): If you have multiple sites/locations, check if the ticket has been created in the correct location.

Q2: Is the content filtering not working?

A2(a): Check the public IP of the location and the one configured in the platform and that both match.

A2(b): Check that the DNS resolves to titaHQ.

Q3: My customers only use fake email addresses, how can I make sure that the data they enter is true?

A3: There are 2 access methods by which the customer needs to enter a valid email address, the first one would be through social networks, the customer needs to enter his Facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc account in order to be validated on the portal. The other access method is called User Accounts, it is a method of access by which the customer is asked to enter an email address and (if the option is checked) confirm that email through a link that our platform sent to your inbox to make sure it is a valid email address.

Q4: Can I limit the internet only to people over a certain age?

A4: Yes, in our platform we have the option to limit the registration only to people over a certain age (this age is customizable) which filters and rejects the validation to customers who are below the set age.

Q5: What if my customers do not use social networks?

A5: There are multiple types of access methods other than social networks, such as registration, app, SMS, Ticket, etc.

Q6: Can I see how many of my customers are actually using Blue OctopusWifi service?

A6: Yes, there are tabs of registered users and connections, in which you can view the users who have connected or registered in the chosen date range.

Q7: What is the duration of the Blue OctopusWifi license?

A7: Blue OctopusWifi licenses can be from Trial 1, 3 months or 1 AP (This is for testing the service) and then for an end customer we have contracts from 1 year to 5 years and with different methods and types of payment.

Q8: Is it safe to enter my data on the Blue Octopuswifi portal?

A8: There is no danger of any kind through our platform, since only the data that the customer decides to give is collected, this is specified in the privacy policy boxes located at the bottom of each method of access.

Q9: Is there any kind of blocking of suspicious equipment?

A9: Yes, we have a feature called Blacklist, which we can enter the MAC of any computer and deny it full access to the network.

Q10: What happens if I type the username and password in lowercase or uppercase?

A10: Our portal is Case Insensitive, i.e. it makes no difference whether you enter the username and password in one way or the other.

Q11: I can connect to the network and have access to the Internet, but my connection ends after a while, can I solve this?

A11: Please note that certain devices disconnect you from the wireless network when they are not used for an extended period of time.

It may also be interference with the WiFi signal; in this case, please try moving to another area and try the connection again.

Q12: On how many computers can I enter my credentials?

A12: If you have exceeded the maximum limit of devices with simultaneous browsing, you will have to disconnect from one of the devices to be able to use it on another device with the same credentials. Otherwise you will see in your browser the message "limit of sessions per user reached". You can find out about this limit at the service information point.

Q13: When do I know that the browsing time has expired?

A13: If we find ourselves in this situation we must take into account the following: if we observe in the browser "user has timed out", it means that the session time has expired.

Q14: When I enter the ticket credentials I get the error "wrong credentials/credenciales incorrect"?

A14(a): Check that the ticket you are trying to validate is not expired.

A14(b): Check in the computer configuration that the Radius servers are correctly configured.

Q15: Where can I check my credentials in case I forget them?

A15: You can check at the reception desk or the information point of your center. If the center does not have an information point, you can contact the technical support team.

Q16: Why does the card payment process hang up?

A16: Check on your PC that you have disabled pop-up blocking and always accept cookies. If the error persists, please contact Technical Support.

Q17: Why after the card payment I do not get my credentials?

A17: Please read carefully if the process has been completed, otherwise the login data will not be displayed. If the error persists, please contact Technical Support.

Q18: Can I associate the Blue OctopusWifi captive portal to a campaign I have active?

A18: Yes, in the platform there is a module called AdinWifi by which it is possible to associate the captive portal with different campaigns, either before login, after login or with activation either by loyalty, first time, etc. There are multiple types of campaigns that can be associated to the portal, from images with countdown, to fully customized mails for a single customer profile. Each type of campaign we can offer is explained in more detail in our Wiki.

Q19: Can I promote my venue's social networks through the Blue OctopusWifi captive portal?

A19: Yes, this can be done in different ways, either by creating campaigns related to the venue's social networks or by configuring the WLAN so that all customers who validate through the portal land on the desired page.